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He succeeds and survives the planetary government’s desperate efforts to take back the money. West of eden harry harrison pdf have been numerous supernovae in a region, meaning that planets in the area are rich in valuable radioactive ores, but Pyrrus is the only even marginally habitable one, and thus the only one that can support sustained mining operations.

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Everything on the planet is deadly to humans. The large animals are strong enough to destroy small vehicles, while the small ones have neurotoxic venom. All microorganisms consume insufficiently protected tissue as quickly as acids. Because of this harsh environment, the settlers are engaged in a ceaseless struggle to survive, which—despite generations of acclimation and a training regime harsher than that of ancient Spartans—they are losing. The money Jason won is used to buy desperately needed weapons. While acclimating to the harsh planet, Jason turns his attentions toward solving the planet’s mysteries and saving the faltering colony. The few surviving historical records Jason finds show that the settlers numbers have decreased since the planet was first colonized, and they are now restricted to a single settlement.

Extrapolating backward, it is clear to Jason that the flora and fauna were once far less hostile to humans. After several weeks, Jason leaves the city in search of the grubbers, who live in harmony with the harsh environment. They practice what many would consider suicidal forms of animal husbandry, with the assistance of their telepathic “talkers”. Jason is able to earn their trust by demonstrating his own abilities. While studying the grubber community, he notices an anomaly—though the life-forms throughout the area are dangerous, they are nowhere near as lethal as the ones around the city. Some grubbers theorize that the initial schism was a disagreement over the city’s location, in which the ancestors of the grubbers abandoned the dangerous ground in favor of their current homes.

Jason has the grubbers guide him back to the city, so he can see it from the outside. Jason shares this information with the grubbers and wins their total support. They ask Jason to go back to civilization and return with a ship. In return they will reward him handsomely. Jason agrees, but only to get back to the city. He knows that though the grubbers would keep their word, the first thing they would get from civilization would be weapons with which to make war on the city.

He has a better idea, and shares it with Kerk along with the truth about the attacks. Jason builds a device that can track the intelligence giving commands to the city’s life, and puts it in the city’s spaceship to search. They detect that the psychic commands emanate from a cave on an island far from the city. Jason prepares to go down and “talk” to what may be an alien intelligence, but the junkmen decide instead to attack and kill the intelligence. Jason crashes into the jungle and is stricken with a Pyrran infection.