The underpants play pdf

Captain Underpants: from Scholastic book fame this character created by Dav Pilkey is very loved by a friend-o-mine’s son. So as an Easter gift I the underpants play pdf this up for him.

Design Notes: This pattern is worked in rounds and uses Embroidery and a Picot stitch to achieve the details. I opted to lightly stuff the arms and legs so that they are bendable. I just put a bit of polyester stuffing at the ends of the arms and feet leaving the rest floppy. Embroidery is the biggest part of it which is what makes him look like the character.

Embroider the waistband at the point of the color change and the round below. There will be a section that does not line up correctly this is ok when you attach the arms and the cape you will not see it. I also opted to stitch the cape on to him to prevent it being lost but that is up to you. As always I have no affiliations with Dav Pilkey or Scholastic Publishing in any way. This pattern is to make an inspired by crochet item and is not branded as anything affiliated with the Captain Underpants books, the writer an illustrator, or Scholastic Publishing. The following pattern is presented for personal use only and not for profit. OMG, my son has Captain Underpants books.

My son said you are so talented and Kool. You do amazing work as usual. So how does the head come into play? I saw this pattern and loved it and started it a few hours ago and now I’m ready to put it together and I’m confused. Is the head a separate piece or part of the body. The head is actually part of the body. Should be close to an egg shape when you are done.

Let me know where it becomes confusing and I can revamp it to be less so. SC then increase and then ? Do I have to do SC increase around ? SC increase sc increase all the way around ?

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