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Stay Connected to PBS Subscribe to our Previews newsletter for a sneak peek at your favorite programs. Check Out PBS Video Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Three Little Pigs is an animated short film released on May 27, 1933 by United Artists, produced by Walt Disney and directed by Burt Gillett. Practical Pig, Fiddler Pig and Fifer Pig are three brothers who build their own houses with bricks, sticks and straw respectively. As they are singing, the Big Bad Wolf really comes by, at which point Fifer and Fiddler reveal they are in fact very afraid of the wolf. Fifer manages to escape and hides at Fiddler’s house.

The wolf pretends to give up and go home, but returns disguised as an innocent sheep. The movie was phenomenally successful with audiences of the day, so much that theaters ran the cartoon for months after its debut, to great financial response. A number of theaters added hand-drawn “beards” to the movie posters for the cartoon as a way of indicating how long its theatrical run lasted. The moderate, but not blockbuster, success of the further “Three Pigs” cartoons was seen as a factor in Walt Disney’s decision not to rest on his laurels, but instead to continue to move forward with risk-taking projects, such as the multiplane camera and the first feature-length animated movie.

Disney’s slogan, often repeated over the years, was “you can’t top pigs with pigs. The original song composed by Frank Churchill for the cartoon, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? The song was further used as the inspiration for the title of the 1963 play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? In the United States, the short was first released on VHS, Betamax and Laserdisc in 1984 as part of its “Cartoon Classics” Home Video series.

It came out on VHS in the UK in spring 1996 as part of the Disney Storybook Favourites series. This section does not cite any sources. Disney produced several sequels to Three Little Pigs, though none were nearly as successful as the original. The first of them was The Big Bad Wolf, also directed by Burt Gillett and first released on April 14, 1934. In 1936, a third cartoon starring the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf followed, with a theme more towards The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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