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A MAGICAL TOUR OF LONDON Welcome to the Harry Potter London Tour and Treasure Hunt, brought to you by London Blue Badge Tourist Guide and author Richard Jones with the intention of providing a DIY walk that will enable you to explore some of London’s hidden away and most fascinating places at little or no cost. In short you will be able the great hunt pdf enjoy a truly magical day out in Central London.

BE ADVENTUROUS AND SAVE MONEY Why pay an absolute fortune to go on a scheduled tour of the Harry Potter locations? Why throw money away, when you can do it yourself for free? DETAILED STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS The big worry people have about going it alone is that they might get lost. But you don’t have to worry as you get very detailed directions that will guide you step by step around every twist and turn on the tour.

The tour is devised to be undertaken on foot and by bus and tube, and thus you are provided with step by step directions to enable you to find your way around London. The directions are extremely easy to follow. They tell you which local landmarks to look for and head towards and tell you when to turn left and when to turn right, thus ensuring that you are guided every step of the way. They even tell you which underground station to get on at, which one to get off at and they guide you around hidden streets and secret places on a series of fascinating walks that will introduce you to some truly magical places. They were paced out by walking the route with a camcorder whilst both filming and dictating the directions. As a result the instructions you receive are extremely detailed and have been thoroughly tested to ensure that you, quite simply, cannot get lost! IT’S A TOUR AND A TREASURE HUNT The Harry Potter Tour and London Treasure Hunt is aimed at families.

Thus it has been structured as both a London tour and a London Treasure Hunt that is intended to be both informative and entertaining. So, as you are walking around, you will be set tasks to do, such as finding hidden pieces of street furniture or answering questions using the information that is found on plaques and information boards. That way you really do get to not just see London but to also uncover it! DIVIDED INTO EASY TO FOLLOW SECTIONS The tour is divided into easy to follow sections that guide you through the streets of London and each section of the tour ends at a Harry Potter Film location. Harry Potter Tour From Leicester Square To Trafalgar Square. The Street that inspired Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and a visit to The Sherlock Holmes Pub.

Harry Potter Walking Tour through Westminster via the Ministry of Magic. Harry Potter London Tour over Lambeth Bridge to Westminster Underground. Harry Potter Tour From Temple To Gringotts Bank. A Walk along Strand To The Real Diagon Alley. Over Blackfriars Bridge to the flight of the Order of the Phoenix Film Location.

The Harry Potter London walk continues with a visit to the location of the Leaky Cauldron. Over London Bridge to Leadenhall Market the film location for Diagon Alley. To King’s Cross to Visit Platform Nine and Three Quarters and other Harry Potter Locations. Download the free Harry Potter London walks PDF. THE KIDS ARE OCCUPIED THROUGHOUT Not only will parents be able to discover some wonderful parts of London, but the children will be kept occupied and interested searching for particular items, such as bits of street furniture, statues and so on and so forth.

The whole day becomes a true adventure as you make your way around the streets and Harry Potter film locations around London. There will be a number of tasks that they have to perform, such as looking for the rats tails in the London church on which the rhyme Oranges and Lemons was based. Also, given that the theme of our tour is a magical one, they will be able to stop off at a famous Magic Shop where they can both watch resident magicians perform magic tricks for their delectation and buy simple magic tricks that they can perform for their friends and family when they arrive home. So not only is this a DIY London Tour but it is also an engaging London treasure hunt that will hold the children’s attention throughout the day. VISIT THE HARRY POTTER FILM LOCATIONS Of course the main idea behind this magical tour is to enable you to visit the Harry Potter Film Locations and all of the ones in Central London are covered.

Last, but by no means least, you will be able to visit the entrance to Platform Nine-and-three-quarters, where a luggage trolley part embedded in a wall makes for a great family photo opportunity! IT’S NOT JUST FOR KIDS Although aimed primarily at families with children, the free Harry Potter tour has, over the years, been enjoyed by young and old alike. Groups of friends have used it to enjoy a fantastic day out in London, whilst Hen Parties have made use of it to add an extra element to their celebrations! In addition to the Harry Potter locations, the tour also features many of London’s famous, and lesser known, landmarks, so if you are not a fan of the boy wizard, worry not and there is plenty on the tour to occupy any muggles amongst your group! YOU SET THE TIME AND THE PACE The great thing is that you can do the walk at your own pace and in your own time. You set the time, the pace and, most important of all, exactly how long you spend at each stop that you visit on the tour.

London at your own pace, spending as little or as long as you choose at each site covered. If you get tired, run out of time or, perish the thought, the kids get grumpy, simply give up for that day and return another day. The beauty of this DIY Free London Tour is that you set the agenda, you are in charge, so you can decide when to stop for a coffee or a bite to eat, or even when enough is enough. BEGIN YOUR HARRY POTTER LONDON TOUR Speaking of which, enough of the pre-amble!

Hopefully you’ve now got the gist of what this is all about. HOW UP TO DATE IS THE TOUR? The Harry Potter London Tour was last walked and updated on 10th April 2015. The Harry Potter London Tour is a self-guided tour so you choose the day and the time you wish to do it. The full Harry Potter London walk starts outside Leicester Square Underground Station. However, you can begin the tour at any point along the route.

The Harry Potter London Film locations tour is completely free. There is no charge other than your travel costs by bus or underground. The Harry Potter Walking Tour can be done, at a push, in one day by starting at 10am and ending at 4pm. However, it is probably a better option to take your time and spread the Tour over two days. It is a Harry Potter Walk all over London so there is a lot of walking involved. However, since it is a self-guided walking tour, you can go at your own pace and there are lots of places to sit down and rest en route. There are lots of cafes, restaurants and pubs along the route.