The flying inn pdf

Please forward this error the flying inn pdf to 72. It may not be well known, but iOS has several ways to save things as PDF and print webpages and other documents as PDF files. While one of the most popular methods involves using 3D Touch, another PDF generation approach is available to devices without that capability, and instead relies on a gesture trick to save something as PDF.

It’s quite simple too, though it is completely hidden from any obvious user interaction. You’ll need a modern version of iOS 10 or newer to have this special save PDF gesture feature, it is not included in old releases, so update your device if need be. Why such an important and useful feature as saving as PDF is hidden behind a gesture on an obscure print screen is a bit of a mystery, but perhaps future versions of iOS will make this more obvious and easier to access directly in the Sharing menu. Much older version of iOS are not totally in the dark, you can use this older trick to accomplish the same result, it involves bookmarking a little javascript snippet and accessing that when you want to generate PDF files, not quite as fluid as the native iOS approach but it works anyway even on ancient releases of iOS.

Thanks to Luis for leaving this great alternative PDF saving option in our comments! Do you know of any other handy PDF saving, generation, or modification tips for iOS? Let us know in the comments! In other words, the PDF is being generated when the webpage at print screen is pinched out. The advantage is that this method, whether used with or without 3D touch, works from any app that allows printing.

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Yeah but that’s a more limited approach. It’s only available in safari and it only sends the file to the ibooks app, whereas the print-and-zoom in method is available from any app that allows printing and it lets you send the file to any other app that can read pdf on your device, including icloud drive for access from other devices. I also convert to reader view like stated earlier, makes for a much better looking document. The other method, using 3D touch or a gesture from the print dialog, is available from any app that supports printing and it allows to send the file to any other app that supports reading or sending pdf files, giving it a more ch broader scope. I meant a much broader scope. How do you know this is a PDF?

I don’t see that in any of the tutorial. It’s automatically made a PDF when one expands the preview image? Thank you very much for the tip. I’d found this beauty of a hidden treasure sometime ago, quite by accident.