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Give your students the opportunity to practise taking a Cambridge English exam the celta course trainer’s manual pdf pretesting. The CEFR offers a valuable frame of reference for our work and our stakeholders. There is growing evidence to support the view that the Cambridge English exams embody or reflect the CEFR in a variety of ways.

English Profile is a long-term programme of research that will extend the CEFR. English Profile’s main aim is to deliver the CEFR for English. English at each level of the CEFR. For more information, visit the English Profile website. Waystage and Threshold were both relatively low proficiency levels designed to reflect achievable and meaningful levels of functional language competence. English language learning, teaching and assessment was beginning to take on a more concrete form and the scene was set for the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework Project.

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Threshold 1990, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Waystage 1990, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework Project was managed between 1993 and 1996, with considerable input from the Eurocentres organisation. European languages and proficiency levels within a shared framework of reference. During the mid-1990s the five-level ALTE Framework developed simultaneously alongside the six-level CEFR published in draft form in 1997. Vantage’ level Cambridge Assessment English and its ALTE partners decided to conduct several studies to verify the alignment of the two frameworks. Claims of linkage or alignment to the CEFR need to be examined carefully.

Simply to assert that a test is aligned with a particular CEFR level does not necessarily make it so, even if assertion is based on intuitive or reasonable subjective judgement. To some extent, alignment can be achieved historically and conceptually, but empirical alignment requires more rigorous analytical approaches. Appropriate evidence needs to be accumulated and scrutinised. Cambridge Assessment English for aligning its original five levels with the six-level CEFR. Latent trait methods have been used since the early 1990s to link the various Cambridge English exam levels onto a common measurement scale using a range of quantitative approaches, e. Threshold and Waystage levels, and when the ALTE partners’ exams were aligned within the ALTE Framework. Cambridge Assessment English helped develop the standardised materials needed to benchmark tests against CEFR levels.