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So here’s how every key player could have a game to remember. Where does the betting value lie? Andrew Lange and Seth Walder are here to help, providing their best bets. Michigan’s winding road back to the title game. From Fab-5-driven nightmares to NCAA penalties to championship heartbreak in 2013, the Wolverines have paved a path through adversity.

NCAA championship pits hot streak against dominance. Michigan soars into the title game on a 14-game winning streak, but Villanova is a Vegas favorite with no obvious weakness. Graham says being in Final Four was a ‘great experience. Kansas senior guard Devonte’ Graham expresses his emotions after his team’s loss to Villanova and explains how they were able to exceed many expectations this season. Self says no need for Kansas to ‘hang their head. Kansas head coach Bill Self describes what he told his players after the loss to Villanova in the Final Four and what he will remember the most from this season. Brunson: National title this year would ‘mean the world.

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