Robert kiyosaki and donald trump book pdf

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Matt Forney is an American author, journalist and radio host based in Europe. Once upon a time, I was a Tim Ferriss groupie. Well, not exactly, but I did think The 4-Hour Workweek was the greatest invention since RU-486. Noble to get my copy, I spent what seemed like an eternity poring over its pages, in awe at its philosophy and advice, only stopping when the manager announced over the intercom that the store was closing in fifteen minutes. Having spent a good portion of the past five years of my life hustling online, I was overjoyed at finally finding a roadmap to the land of riches. Unfortunately, that roadmap had a huge hole in the middle. Tim Ferriss is a LIAR and a SCAMMER wah wah wah POOR ME!

10 and about a week’s worth of sleepless nights. But I’d still tread carefully around him. Asking a guy like Tim Ferriss for business advice is like asking a woman how to get laid. Tim Ferriss had a massive head start in life, but doesn’t factor this into his advice. Ferriss argues that anyone can flee the 9-to-5 existence by following his advice of plagiarizing paraphrasing other sources to create online businesses and having virtual assistants from India doing the grunt work.