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Some of the most beloved movies ever were based on books. But just because we loved them doesn’t mean the original author did. MARY POPPINS Disney’s Mary Poppins roald dahl books pdf be a cherished childhood memory for a lot of us, but for author P.

Travers, it was a complete slap in the face. Despite having script approval, Travers’ edits were largely disregarded. Travers loathed the movie’s animated sequences and was perturbed that Mary Poppins’ strict side was downplayed. After some heated meetings, Travers reluctantly approved.

Stephen King probably made movie buffs cringe when he said he hated what Stanley Kubrick did to The Shining. I’d admired Kubrick for a long time and had great expectations for the project, but I was deeply disappointed in the end result. Kubrick just couldn’t grasp the sheer inhuman evil of The Overlook Hotel. So he looked, instead, for evil in the characters and made the film into a domestic tragedy with only vaguely supernatural overtones. That was the basic flaw: because he couldn’t believe, he couldn’t make the film believable to others. After casting was completed for the movie version of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, she said Tom Cruise was “no more my vampire Lestat than Edward G.

The casting was “so bizarre,” she said, “it’s almost impossible to imagine how it’s going to work. When she saw the movie, however, she actually loved Cruise’s portrayal and told him what an impressive job he had done. Note to filmmakers: don’t anger the author of the book before the sequel has been written. Whether they get it right or wrong, it don’t matter.

Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt tales have a cult following. 68 million at the box office. There’s a reason no one has ever seen a big-screen version of Catcher in the Rye or Franny and Zooey. Salinger consented to have his short story Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut made into a movie retitled My Foolish Heart. He was so mortified by the swooning love story that he swore his works would never be butchered again. Not only did Anthony Burgess dislike the movie based on his novella A Clockwork Orange, he later regretted writing any of it in the first place. The book I am best known for, or only known for, is a novel I am prepared to repudiate: written a quarter of a century ago, a jeu d’esprit knocked off for money in three weeks, it became known as the raw material for a film which seemed to glorify sex and violence.

That movie doesn’t work for a lot reasons but I don’t think any of those reasons are my fault. American Psycho was a book I didn’t think needed to be turned into a movie. I think the problem with American Psycho was that it was conceived as a novel, as a literary work with a very unreliable narrator at the center of it and the medium of film demands answers. You can be as ambiguous as you want with a movie, but it doesn’t matter — we’re still looking at it. Ever wonder why Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator hasn’t followed in the silver screen footsteps of its predecessor, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? He vowed that film producers would never get their hands on the sequel to similarly ruin it, at least not in his lifetime. Despite the fact that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest swept the Academy Awards—it won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay—author Ken Kesey was not impressed.

He was originally slated to help with the production, but left two weeks into the process. Though he claimed for a long time that he didn’t even watch it and was especially upset that they didn’t keep the viewpoint of Chief Bromden, his wife later said that he was glad the movie was made. Richard Matheson has been annoyed with the adaptations of his book I Am Legend since 1964. The first one, The Last Man on Earth, starred Vincent Price.

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