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Rajkumar, was an Indian actor and singer in the Kannada cinema. A method actor, Rajkumar entered the film industry after his long stint as a dramatist with Gubbi Veeranna’s Gubbi Drama Company, which he joined at the age of eight, and got his first break as a lead in the 1954 film Bedara Kannappa. In his film career, Rajkumar received thirteen Karnataka State Film Awards, Eight South Filmfare Awards and one National Film Award. It was an insignificant role, he remembered that the scene was over before he recognized himself in the scene. Rajkumar started his career with his father in a troupe led by Gubbi Veeranna. In 1953, he was spotted by film director H. Simha, who was on the lookout for well-built, pleasant-faced Bedara Kannappa.

He acted only in Kannada apart from Sri Kalahastiswara Mahatyam in Telugu, a remake of Bedara Kannappa. He acted in 206 movies, excluding his guest appearances. His character depictions ranged from love to double and triple roles, from action and mythological characters to portrayals of contemporary social causes in the span over five decades. He made historical movies such as Ranadheera Kanteerava and Kaviratna Kalidasa.

He made movies from Kannada novels and made movies against perceived social evils such as Shabdavedhi on drug abuse. Rajkumar is the first Indian artist to enact the role of James Bond in Jedara Bale. Later, in Operation Jackpotnalli CID 999, Goadalli CID 999 and Operation Diamond Racket he played roles chronicling the adventures of Prakash aka Agent CID 999, a James Bondesque superspy. Rajkumar trained in classical music when he was with Gubbi Veeranna’s theatre troupe. The song “Om Namaha Shivaya” from the 1956 film Ohileshwara, that he also starred in, was his first in a film.

Rajkumar has been credited for having sung songs of various genres and each rendition according to the mood of the scene in the film. Rajkumar has sung and enacted for songs about Kannadigas, Kannada language and culture, such as “Jenina Holeyo” from Chalisuva Modagalu, “Maanavanagi Huttidmele” from Jeevana Chaitra and “Huttidare Kannada Naadal Huttabeku” from the film Aakasmika. In later years, he lent his voice to a few actors and sang background solos. For the song Kannappa Kottanu, from Muddina Maava, he provided playback to S. Rajkumar recorded many devotional songs beginning in the 1970s for Columbia Recording Company starting with “Mantralayakke Hogona” in 1972. His widely popular LP record “Guruvara Bantamma” was also recorded during the time. In 1979, Sangeetha Cassettes became India’s first licensed pre-recorded cassettes.

Rajkumar married a 14-year-old Parvathamma, his cousin, on 25 June 1953 in Nanjangud. It went ahead in accordance to the agreement that their fathers made following the latter’s birth. After a total of 108 days in captivity, Rajkumar was released unharmed on 15 November 2000. His abduction and the manner in which his release was secured are a mystery.

On 12 April 2006, Rajkumar returned to his Sadashivanagar residence after his regular 20-minute walk and had a general medical check-up by 11:30 a. Rajkumar’s death triggered an outpouring of grief. There was major shutdown in the city of Bengaluru. The blueprint of the memorial was constituted by a panel comprising members of Rajkumar’s family, representatives of the Kannada film industry and the state government. 70 million was used in developing it over an area of 2.

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