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I hope that helps clarify things! As for my update- so far it’s going great! I’ve lost about 5 pounds in two weeks, although I have to say most of that was probably bloating from all the junk I ate and drank right before I started. I was most excited about when I decided to try out the 12-week BBG plan.

Now I try really hard to eat a balanced diet but I still crave food that’s bad for me and I’m not sure that will ever really go away. Especially with summer right around the corner and some fun plans on the agenda which involve being in a bathing suit. In short, when I read about it I couldn’t wait to give it a shot! The Nutrition Plan recommend eating a specific number of servings of each food every day.

As I have explained before, it’s basically like following the old food pyramid recommendations we all grew up with. To track my meals, I use the notepad app on my phone. I list the actual amounts I’ve eaten below it. One slice of bread, for example, counts as one serving, so a sandwich would be two servings. 4, which bumps it up to two servings. Overall I would say that what I’ve been eating while following the HELP Nutrition Plan hasn’t changed all that much, but the amounts definitely have. Here’s a snapshot of some of my meals.

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