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Baby Alpaca from the LB Collection! It was just one skein, and it was so fun to make. Well, I finally got my hands on some more of this lovely yarn, and have designed a luxurious wrap to match! Whether you use the same delicious baby alpaca I did or the yummy yarn of your choice, the Alpaca Your Wrap is gorgeous! The stitch pattern is reminiscent of falling leaves, and combined with the border detailing it’s both feminine and modern. Wear it over your shoulders like a traditional wrap or stole, wind it around your torso like a clever sweater, or bunch it up around your neck as an oversize scarf. No matter how you wear it, it just screams luxury!

Rows 6-73 and the same number within Rows 79-150. 1st st, ch 1, skip the ch sp, dc2tog, working the first half in the next st, then skip 2 sts, then working the second half in the next st, ch 1. 2tog in last 2 sts, turn. 1, hdc in the last st, turn. Row 78: Join yarn to foundation chain on RS, repeat Row 1 working st pattern into opposite side of foundation chain of like sts, turn. 154: Repeat Rows 74-77, do not break yarn, turn.

Whether you take it on the road or wrap up around the house, I hope you enjoy this free crochet wrap pattern! Written pattern and graphics copyright Tamara Kelly 2014. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. If you wish to make items for sale from this pattern, please visit the About page for details. Tamara, your patterns are all so stunning!

It amazes me that you continue to share them with us for free! Oh wow, thank you so much Carolee! You should write a book or something! Do you have a video tutorial for this?

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