Introduction to technical analysis martin pring pdf

This presentation is a basic introduction for anyone new to the fascinating subject of technical analysis. Technical Analysis – Introduction to technical analysis martin pring pdf it is.

Why prices are determined by psychology and how technical analysis can help interpret market psychology. Trends – What is a trend? Logarithmic Scaling – Technical analysis requires charts and the choice of scaling them can be very important. This section explains the difference between these techniques and why one is superior over the other. Volume – Observations on volume interpretation. Peak and Trough Analysis – Why it’s probably the most important technical tool.

How is it applied in the market place and integrated with other indicators. Support and Resistance – The concepts defined. Rules for determining where potential support and resistance areas might lie are given along with guidelines for determining their potential significance. Trendlines – A to Z introductory primmer on trendlines, how to draw and interpret them. Price Patterns – Basic principles of price pattern interpretation using rectangles and head and shoulders patterns as examples. Determining the significance of individual patterns and identifying when they have failed is also covered.

This session introduces you to the most common price patterns. Building on the knowledge leaned from the previous DVD, you will be in a better position to understand how patterns are formed and the psychology behind them. If you can rationalize why a pattern is being formed, you will be in a better position to anticipate when a breakout might turn out to be a whipsaw, and how you can protect against this. Double tops and bottoms and triple formations, including Chinese and Lucky Seven double bottoms.

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