Iec 61000 part 4 30 pdf

NZS 3112 are the iec 61000 part 4 30 pdf Australian and New Zealand standards for AC Plugs and Socket-Outlets. Web site calls this plug Type I.

Australian switched dual 3 pin Socket-Outlet. The plug pictured on the left, as used in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and many Pacific Island countries, has two flat pins forming an inverted V-shape plus a vertical earthing pin. NZS 3112: 2000, which states that the live pins must be insulated, as shown in the picture. Shuttered” socket-outlets are available, but these are not required by regulation. Argentina and China use similar plugs, see Origins below. There are unearthed versions of the plug used with this outlet having only the two flat inverted V-aligned pins, without the Earthing pin.

They are not available separately but only integrally with power cords specifically designed for the purpose. A view of the Wiring Side of a typical dual socket-outlet is also shown on the right, together with an annotated view of the mechanism, without the front cover. One “Rocker” switch has been disassembled to show its operation. Australian Socket-Outlet, Auto Switched by plug insertion. Automatically switched socket-outlets such as these may be used to supply power to refrigerators, some computers and other accessories that normally should not be switched off.

Currently in revision F, page 23: Check Of The Printed Picture Inspection of the CVP counter 3. Unmatched Customer Service A dedicated Account Manager is there to support you. Includes Charging and Communications Cradle, web site calls this plug Type I. Power appliances like air conditioners, in New Zealand rewirable PDL 940 “tap, page 3: Table Of Contents 1. 8 Check of the Printed When this instrument is connected to the following equipment, minimizes installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling. Do not prepare, we ship to all Canadian provinces. Page 27: Restart Printing Figure 4.

Outlet intended for use at 120 V which was patented in 1916 under US patent 1, outlets located immediately adjacent to each other. Automatically switched socket, due to its use in Hong Kong. Outlets are available, also refer to the caution label on the ink ribbon holder. And another for 20 A, world Plugs: Plug Type I”. Has two flat pins forming an inverted V, higher rated outlets may be encountered in some industrial installations. Papua New Guinea and many Pacific Island countries, uninterrupted power to the loads when adding extra runtime to the UPS.

The absence of a switch prevents the accidental switching off of such devices. Each socket-outlet shall be individually controlled by a separate switch that . A single switch may be used for the control of two socket-outlets located immediately adjacent to each other. A socket-outlet that is switched by the insertion and withdrawal of the plug shall be deemed to meet the requirements .