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Recently, an indoor growing girl make your money grow pdf was busted in Sacramento, California. Almost 500 cannabis plants were seized and two people were arrested. You don’t want this to happen to you, for obvious reasons, not the least being the loss of your work and legal ramifications.

Now people are talking about ways to spot an indoor growing operation in your own neighborhood. If you want to keep your grow on the down low, then you need to be aware of how your house looks to outsiders. If your place looks more like a fortress than a home, people are going to be suspicious of what you’re doing. Obviously you want to fence off your place, try using friendlier and more domestic looking fencing.

You also can’t have more than one layer of fencing surrounding your place, for example a fence between the iron fence and the front door. Who do you know who has more than one layer of fencing surrounding their casa? If you don’t want people going up to your door, get a mean looking dog who barks a lot. Seriously, who has security cameras surrounding their house other than people with something to hide? If you have visible security cameras surrounding your house, you are asking to get busted. This is the opposite of keeping your grow on the down low.

We live in what I would consider a pretty technologically advanced society. You can get cameras that are smaller than the size of your finger and plant those around your place. Make sure you hide them well. Security cameras don’t work that well when people know that they’re there, Heisenberg uncertainty principle and all that. I’m not referring to the awesome song, I’m referring to that delicious dank smell that you love, but is most likely pissing off your neighbors. Yes, they can smell it, and no this is not keeping your grow on the down low. There are some things you can do to cover up that delicious dank smell.

For example, you can choose to grow strains that have a less potent smell. If you can, try to find somewhere else to grow that is preferably not where you live. I can’t think of any way this could be more applicable than keeping your grow on the down low. Your grow is your work, and who really likes to take their work home with them? People are generally suspicious of neighbors who never leave their house, and yes they do notice. It is vitally important that you have a relationship with your neighbors. Otherwise, they might begin to talk about why you are so antisocial and they will begin to wonder what you’re up to.

In this age of social media especially, your neighbors are documenting and sharing their neighbors’ idiosyncrasies. Got any other tips for keeping your grow on the down low? Tell us in the comments below! Download the Ultimate Grow Guide for FREE! How to Keep Your Grow on the Down Low!

Fyi the link to the app in last sentence loads up a pic. Please forward this error screen to 199. This grow journal chronicles a grower’s to cultivate those two strains at once! It has a high THC content making it a good source for extremely cerebral experiences. This type of cannabis is preferred by chronic pain sufferers. GSC Extreme plants are medium in height with strong and sturdy branches which makes it an appropriate choice for both indoor and outdoor grows.

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When cultivated in cooler climates, their buds will have purple color and will be quite dense with crystals. GSC is also quite resilient against pests, molds, and other infestations. Because of this, even beginners will find it’s fairly easy to grow. The flowering phase of GSC takes about 70 days. To successfully cultivate GSC, just remember it loves warm, Mediterranean climates. The Jack Herer strain is dominantly sativa which provides a well-rounded euphoria.

IT has been bred primarily as a medical cannabis strain because it provides users with happy, soothing feelings which help patients with various mental and physical ailments. It creates a strong body buzz along with a cerebral high. They flower quickly and yield high quantities high-quality buds which are resistant to many diseases common to cannabis. Cultivating Jack Herer can be done both indoors and outdoors. JH has a relatively short flowering period of between 8 and 10 weeks. It yields 18 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter. Like the GSC, this plant also loves a dry Mediterranean climate.

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