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So what does this mean and why does it matter? There are 8 main blood types in human beings. The Rh-positive types are A, B, Ectopic pregnancy pdf notes and O. The Rh-negative blood types are A-, B-, AB- and O-.

There are reasons why your doctor will test your blood during your pregnancy. However, finding out your blood type and the compatibility of your mates is the most important. When an Rh-negative mother is exposed to her Rh-positive baby’s blood, the mother’s body is at risk for becoming “sensitized”. This causes the mother’s immune system to shift into gear and begin producing antibodies that are specifically designed to find and destroy these foreign blood cells. During your first pregnancy, these antibodies are typically not dangerous, because chances are that you will not be exposed to your child’s blood until delivery. Therefore, the first child would typically be unaffected. However, once an Rh-negative mother has been exposed or sensitized to her child’s Rh-positive blood, the process of building a multiplying army of antibodies has began.

In the late 1940’s the Rh-negative factor was discovered by two scientists, who began looking for a cure to a disease that killed 2 dozen babies each day. FDA approved and available for use. Since 1968, other competitive products have also become available for use in this situation. Please do your own research on the positive and negative effects, risks and ingredients of each drug, so that you can make the most informed decision on how to handle your bodies Rh- Pregnancy. Without use of Medical Intervention, the immune system of an Rh-negative mother will not be controlled. In General, for the protection of your future pregnancies, all Rh-negative woman should be treated for Rh-positive sensitization after a normal delivery, a miscarriage, an induced abortion or menstrual extraction, an ectopic pregnancy, chorionic villus sampling, external cephalic version, amniocentesis, hemorrhage, abdominal trauma, still birth, fetal blood sampling and any blood or plasma transfusions. There is a chance that you may have passed your Rare Rh- Blood Type on to your children.

Protect their future by knowing where you can find a matching rare blood type donor quickly! Rh-Disease and the extent of damage it can cause to the developing fetus. Severe Rh-Disease or Fetal hydrops refers to the widespread and serious destruction fetal red blood cells. One or more fetal blood transfusions may be needed before birth. Moderate Rh-Disease refers to the destruction of a larger numbers of fetal red blood cells, moderate anemia, possible development of an enlarged liver and jaundice is looked for closely. Mild Rh-Disease may involve limited destruction of the fetal red blood cells and could result in mild fetal anemia.

Usually the fetus can be carried to term and requires little or no special treatment. However, some jaundice may occur after delivery. This lighter level of Rh-Disease is usually seen in a first pregnancy after sensitization has occurred. If you have been Rh-Sensitized, it only affects Rh-Positive pregnancies.

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