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Pray Without Ceasing was an initiative of Methodist young people, resulting in 14 months of continuous prayer taking place around the Methodist Connexion. The idea of continuous prayer really caught people’s imaginations and has inspired all sorts of interesting approaches to prayer. Prayer is God’s initiative, a gift which enables us to be attentive to the presence of God in our lives and in the world. It is also a means of expressing what we believe eat pray love pdf free download God and can prompt us to act to change the world as we respond to God’s love.

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Here are some ideas from districts, circuits and individuals that might inspire you to get involved and to try something new. In Blaby Methodist Church, Leicester, among other methods of prayer we have started ‘Dice Prayer’. When we gather for prayer, there is usually a piece of soft music playing and then a reading from the Bible. Dice Prayer’ is like playing the dice game but people with a certain number get to pray for things that are already on the list.

For example, a person shakes the dice, throws it and if it shows 1 then that person prays for everyone in the group. 1  Prayer for everyone in the group. Set up a prayer room in your church, school or in a ‘tabernacle’ in your local market square. Offer a variety of stations of prayer, e. Have a pile of stones that people can place in the bowl of water as an act of confession, or of letting go of hurts and anxieties.

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