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Can We Admit Now That Afghanistan Reconstruction Failed? Don’t Blame Donald Trump for Eclipsing the State Department The real culprit is a much older donald trump hands pdf: our militaristic foreign policy.

President Donald Trump may be dismantling the State Department. No recent president has made much use of those diplomats anyway, so they are unlikely to be missed. The ranks of our two-star Minister Counselors have fallen from 431 right after Labor Day to 369 today. Stephenson also leaves out that the losses are voluntary retirements, not a taking of heads by the Trump administration. None of the retirees have stated they are leaving in protest.

So the real good news is that the dismantling is not happening. But there’s also serious bad news: while a shortage of diplomats is not new under President Trump, the weakening of American diplomacy is real. Portuguese speakers as it does Russian speakers. State has failed to grow alongside the modern world. The reasons may differ, but modern presidents simply have not expanded their diplomatic corps. It is the growth of military influence inside government that has weakened State. That worrisome 2017 article cited an almost identical worrisome article from 2007 written at the height of the Iraq War.

One reason is range: unlike ambassadors, whose responsibilities, budget, and influence are confined to single countries, combatant commanders’ reach is continental. When America’s primary policy tool is so obviously the military, there is less need, use, and value to diplomats. As a foreign leader, who would you turn to if you wanted Washington’s ear—or to pry open its purse? A thumbnail history of recent U. North Korean relations shows what foreign policy with active diplomacy—and without it—looks like.

Pyongyang to lay the groundwork for rebuilding relations. These steps took place under the 1994 Agreed Framework, which ended—diplomatically—an 18-month crisis during which North Korea threatened to withdraw from the nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. The Framework froze North Korea’s plutonium production and placed it under international safeguard. Bush would go on to plunge into the Middle East militarily with little further attention paid to a hostile nuclear state. The Obama administration-driven regime change in Libya after that country abandoned its nuclear ambitions sent a decidedly undiplomatic message to Pyongyang about what disarmament negotiations could lead to. Without a globally thought-through strategy behind it, war is simply chaos.

Diplomacy has little role when the White House forgets war is actually politics by other means. It is clear that President Trump thinks little of his State Department. Morale is low, the budget is under attack, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s reorganization plans have many old hands on edge. As with the numbers that suggest State is not being dismantled, much of the current hysteria in Washington fails to acknowledge that a lot of what seems new and scary is actually old and scary.

It is a hard point to make in a media world where one is otherwise allowed to write declarative sentences that the president is mentally ill and will soon start World War III with a tweet. Having the right number of senior diplomats around is of little value if their advice is not sought or heeded, or if they are not directed towards the important issues of the day. Whether Trump does or does not ultimately reduce staff at State, he will only continue in a clumsy way what his predecessors began by neglecting the institution when it might have mattered most. Opinions expressed here are his own and not those of the State Department. Why have diplomacy, when you believe politics and diplomacy are low level warfare, and can just cut to the chase of imposition by credible military threat? With our moral basis eroded, what’s left but might is right? This is a rather poorly veiled apology for Trump and his family’s neutering of the values and principles of diplomacy.

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