Distance and midpoint formula worksheet pdf

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You must have Acrobat Reader to open these PDF documents. You can get this at www. To print, use the small print button inside the PDF document’s window. This addresses why we can cancel stuff from fractions. These are designed for the TI calculators, including the TI84.

See your instructor or come to the MRC for help with other models. The calculator will calculate the exact points of humps in the graph. This is a good program to start with if you are interested in programming your calculator. It calculates the distance and midpoint between two given points. This is the above program for the TI86 or TI85. Program your calculator so that it will calculate solutions to quadratic equations. It does not show you complex solutions.

Programming your calculator is an advanced task. This also works on the TI-84. These are instructions for using the above program, after you have input it into your calculator. This is a more complicated quadratic formula program. It will give you complex solutions if needed. It is long to put in your calculator but you might find it interesting. This is the same program as above but there are some variations for the TI86 or TI85 calculators.