Difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g technology pdf

Difference between 1g 2g 3g 4g technology pdf a few people get confused with regard to the difference between the countries India and England. It is because these two nations are really far apart and aren’t that much related to one another. To begin with, India is a federal republic and, at the same time, a parliamentary democracy while England practices constitutional monarchy.

In this connection, India has a president and a prime minister. Although England also has its own head of state in the form of a prime minister, it also has a symbolic royalty head in the form of a ruling monarch. In terms of the people, the English obviously speak the English native tongue while the people in India use Hindi and various other languages. The latter also dwarfs other nations as it is dubbed as the second most populous nation in the world. To house a huge number of public, India is fortunate for being a very big nation in terms of land size. Amazingly, it ranks as the seventh largest country in the world, having more than 3 million square kilometers of land in total. England is a rather smaller nation with just above 130,000 sq.

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It is even bigger to England’s own value of the same metric. Lastly, military power is undoubtedly more prominent in England than in India. History also tells a lot as it was on August 15, 1947 when India was freed from the grasp of the English rule and was therefore granted their independence. India’s government is a federal republic and democratic parliament whereas England is a constitutional monarchy. People from India speak mainly Hindi  whereas the English speak the English vernacular predominantly.

India has a bigger population and total land area compared to England. England has a stronger military power and bigger economy in terms of nominal GDP as opposed to India. India has been under the rule of England in the past and not vice versa. England is superior to India in terms of military powers.