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Dealer Lead Track has more than 2. Become a partner today and improve how your store handles every lead. Set calendar reminders helping organize the day. CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management and ILM is an acronym that stands for Internet Lead Management. Both define how you create, develop and manage relationships with your potential, current, and past customers. ILM solution that ensures that your sales department accepts, catalogs, follows-up, and closes incoming sales leads properly for every customer.

Successful customer relationship management, or CRM, does not benefit only your dealership. Dealer Lead Track guides staff to capture important customer data and manages sales leads from the initial contact throughout the entire sale. The productivity of both novice and seasoned sales staff improves with tools that consistently guide them through the important steps of each sale. ILM Solution to Improve Warranty Penetration. Dealer Lead Track guides staff to follow up multiple times after the sale if a warranty was not purchased at delivery. Multiple follow up attempts will increase warranty sales increasing profits at new and used car dealers.

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A variety of management reports assist in managing your dealership. Utilize these reports to confirm that sales staff work all leads properly from start to finish, track advertising to target marketing dollars and quickly adjust advertising campaigns to be more effective, track closing rates, and restock inventory for customers you are currently losing. Dealer Lead Track creates contact reminders at various future dates after the original sale to increase repeat customers, which leads to increased dealership profits. Contact reminders also are created for Warranty and GAP follow up to increase back-end penetration rates. ILM solution for new and used car dealerships of all sizes.

I, accounting, or web site management. ILM, also known as hosted CRM, hosted ILM, on demand CRM, or on demand ILM. More companies than ever are rapidly moving to web based applications like Dealer Lead Track because to be successful in today’s internet driven automotive marketplace, it is more important than ever to maximize every incoming customer lead and catalog every customer interaction to improve customer relations. Eliminates the need for expensive software and the need to install software onto your computer. ILM there are no updates to install.