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As students mature, their reading material will present more challenging content, and may include strong language and more mature themes. We have placed footnotes linked in red beside those books that beowulf burton raffel full text pdf parents will consider an issue.

However, we cannot anticipate which content might be an issue for every family. We encourage parents to pre-screen material to determine its appropriateness for their child and family. What do all those symbols mean? K – free Kindle text from amazon. Click the bracketed numeral to view any notes about the book near the bottom of the page. We cannot foresee every incident that might potentially be an issue to every family, but we have red-flagged those that are commonly a concern.

This is a collection of some of the best resources for this time period. Even Advisory members aren’t able to cover all of these with every single one of their own students and have to be selective. Feel free to pick and choose from among these suggestions. The best choice may just be the book you already own, and the one from which your student can narrate.

Read Wendi’s informal chat about why these books were chosen and which ones are indispensable. Bible Gateway has many versions of the Bible online. The Pursuit of God by A. History Make a century chart of the period studied. Ten minutes of map drills each week , locating places from the week’s reading on a map. Plutarch’s Lives – follow AO’s Plutarch rotation. Current Events Students should have a plan for keeping up with current events.

Literature Shakespeare – Continue with AO’s Shakespeare Rotation. The Once and Future King by T. The History of English Literature for Girls and Boys by H. Chaucer for Children: A Golden Key by Mrs. The Oxford Book of English Verse ed. Begin written narrations, 2-3 per week, varying among subjects.