Behind the bell pdf download

This is a list of issues of NBC’s Heroes webcomic, which supplements the television psychological thriller science fiction of the same behind the bell pdf download. The collection also includes Tim Sale’s artwork as seen on the show. The Flash versions often offer a link to a “hidden surprise”, also listed below. A few also have an animated version.

The comics listed here were published during Season One of the show, and continued through the summer preceding Season Two. Offers background information on Mohinder Suresh, Chandra Suresh and his mysterious death. Line art for “Trial By Fire”. Offers some background on Hiro Nakamura. Viral campaign video for Nathan Petrelli. Details the events after Claire Bennet crashed Brody Mitchum’s car and before ambulances arrived. Hawkins and his escape from jail.

Provides a backstory of how Niki Sanders stole the two million dollars. Features Officer Matt Parkman, and details the effect his mind reading abilities have on his life. Artwork of Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi. Continued from “Seven Minutes to Midnight”. Details Audrey Hanson’s hunt for Sylar. Peter Petrelli dreams while in a coma. Introduces a new character, Hana Gitelman.

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