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Please forward this error screen to 158. Your contribution will go a long advanced java interview questions pdf download in helping us serve more readers. Java Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers and Experienced 2013 . Data types        2.

Operators              3. Arrays            5. Loops                  5. If else                6. Variables              7.

Strings           9. String           11. Commonly asked questions     12. Practice set_2         3. Variables              3. Looping                5.

Arrays                 6. C interview questions and answers for freshers. It is basic c language technical frequently asked interview questions and answers. Write a c program to print Hello world without using any semicolon.

Swap two variables without using third variable. What is dangling pointer in c? Such pointer is known as dangling pointer and this problem is known as dangling pointer problem. What will be output of following c program? Its scope and lifetime is within the function call hence after returning address of x variable x became dead and pointer is still pointing ptr is still pointing to that location.

Make the variable x is as static variable. In other word we can say a pointer whose pointing object has been deleted is called dangling pointer. What is wild pointer in c? A pointer in c which has not been initialized is known as wild pointer. Here ptr is wild pointer because it has not been initialized.

There is difference between the NULL pointer and wild pointer. As an programmer, what are design principles you focus on? What are the modern programming practices which lead to very good applications? What are the typical things you would need to consider while designing the Business Layer of a Java EE Web Application? What are the things that you would need to consider when designing the Web Layer? What are the important features of IDE Eclipse?

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